I'm a long-time cultural interpreter (fancy way of saying museum and parks guide), teacher, and performer (opera). Over the years, I've also honed my skills as a casual papermaker. In Paper Powered, I've finally found a way to combine all those skills with an undeniable passion for the environment and all things creative.

I offer customizable, on-site papermaking and paper craft workshops. That means I will take the workshop to you, whether it be a classroom, a senior's home, or a bridal shower... you get the idea. In return, participants get an engaging, hands-on, accessible lesson in how to make recycled paper or paper crafts from scrap materials. They also walk away with not only something they made themselves, but a renewed enthusiasm for making the world a better place.

As well, I can create unique, handmade paper products, be it greeting cards, invitations, birth announcements, or banners. All from primarily recycled materials. All environmentally friendly. All adorable. Contact me for inquiries, bookings, or orders, and join me in saving the world with paper! 

Heidi Breier

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